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tDF® - tde Distribution Frame (ODF)

tDF® is a modular Central Office solution with the highest packing density. At 46U, up to 4032 fibers can be terminated with LC. In developing the tde has taken primarily attention on the user-friendly installation. So the patented modules are fully be fitted from the front. A 19-inch sub rack occupies three height units and is equipped with twelve splice modules. Per sub rack, up to 288 fibers can be terminated with LC. The splices will be stored in standard splice cassettes. A unique feature of the splice module is the built-in loose tube over length management, which compared to conventional solutions saves  an additional rack unit for the over length  tray. The trunk cables are brought to the sub rack side and splitted there. This results in very short stripping lengths for the trunk cables. Due to the tML® compatibility  also MPO/MTP® modules can be equipped in the same sub rack. The modular design of  the tDF rack system offers maximum flexibility. The racks can be ordered customized completely preconfigured.