FO Replacement Cartridges for Cleaning Tool 1,25mm for LC Duplex Adapter with self-closing shutter

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When the cleaning tool is inserted into the adapter it compress the springs, opening the internal shutter. The internal shutter opens, and due to the special design of the shutter, it will not touch the ferrule end face. As the cleaning tool is removed from the adapter, the shutter spring automatically returns the internal shutter to the closed position.

Type Replacement Cartridges for Cleaning Tool 1.25mm for LC Duplex Adapter with self-closing shutter
Number of replacement cartridges 3 pcs.
Cleaning operations each replacement cartridge Approx. 750
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Lieferzeit 5-10 working days
Systeme tde - LWL Reinigungstools
Kategorie LWL Reinigungswerkzeuge
Ausschreibungstext Als TXT oder WORD herunterladen
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