LC Duplex Adapter Zirconia Straight Split with Flange, magenta

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For SC-configured environments, tde offers LC duplex adapters with SC simplex footprint, with a choice of flange or no flange type.

  • Provides eye safety by attenuating laser light when the mated connector is removed
  • 100% automatic shutter mechanism requiring no operator handling of the shutter door
  • Compatible with standard LC connectors
  • It keeps adapter’s interior clean from dust
  • Complete SC footprint
  • You can see the visible light through the adapter
Type LC Duplex
Application Multimode OM4
Design One-Piece with Flange
Connector style SC Simplex
Color Magenta
Material Plastic
Sleeve Zirkonia Staight Split
Shutter -
Manufacturer tde

More Information
Lieferzeit 5-10 working days
Hersteller tde
Systeme LWL Komponenten
Kategorie LWL Adapter
Connector type (side 1) LC Duplex
Adapter color Magenta
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