tde - customized FO assemblies

The tde patch  and trunk cables are manufactured completely at the German facility in Ohrte. Production processes at tde meet the latest standards, and the company has one of the most up-to-date fiber optic assembly houses in Europe. Fiber optic patch cables and trunk cables are manufactured in many different configurations using highly automated processes on two independent mass production lines. The range of products on offer encompasses the entire spectrum of connector types available on the market. Production capacity is around 100,000 fiber optic connectors per month, and this can be ramped up easily whenever required. To guarantee consistently top quality, only the best components from renowned vendors are used. All tde production staff have the necessary qualifications and education, and have been well trained in using specialist technical equipment such as laser cleavers and glue-dispensing robots.
Each cable application is subjected to a full test procedure comprising interferometer measurements, insertion loss and return loss measurements and a final visual inspection to ensure that only 100% error-free products are shipped to the customer.

Products made by tde perform at least internationally accepted quality standards and norms. The quality management system is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TL9000 certified.

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