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Military B-Series Breakout Mil-Tac Cable 2E9/125μ

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Military B-Series Breakout Mil-Tac Cable 2E9/125μ
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General Characteristics
Impact Resistance 200 Impacts
Crush Resistance 440 N/cm
Flex Resistance 2.000 Cycles
Operating Temperature -55°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -70°C to +85°C
Fiber Count 2
Diameter 6.5 mm
Weight 36 kg/km
Installation Tensile Load 2.200 N
Operational Tensile Load 550 N
Minimum Bend Radius Installation 6.5 cm
Minimum Bend Radius Operational 3.3 cm

FO Fiber

Type Singlemode ITU-T G.652.A
Core diameter

9 µm (typical mode field diameter at 1310 nm)

Cladding diameter

125 µm

Numeric aperture

Wavelength 1310/1550 nm

Gigabit Ethernet

5 km (10 km für 1310 nm 1000BASE-LH, und 5 km für 1310 nm 1000BASE-LR)

10-Gigabit Ethernet

10 km (10 km für 1310 nm 10GBASE-LR, und 40 km für 1550 nm 10GBASE-ER)

Maximum cabled attenuation

0.5/0.5 dB/km

Minimum Laser EMB bandwidth


Minimum OFL LED bandwidth


Additional Information

Part number MILTAC-B02E09
Delivery time 5-10 working days

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