tML® - FO partial front plate 5HP with 6x MPO Type A (Key Up/Down) OM5 limegreen for the Rack Mount Enclosure 3U

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The tML® - FO partial front panel MPO/MTP® is intended for the installation in the tML® Rack Mount Enclosure 3U.

Pre-mounted 6 x MPO/MTP® Adapter (limegreen)
  QS-Managementsystem ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TL 9000

tML® - partial front panel 5HP

Front Panel Stainless steel
Dimensions 3U/5HP

MPO/MTP® Adapter without Flange, Type A, limegreen

Application Multimode OM5
Design without Flange
Connector style SC Simplex
Key Orientation Type A, Key up/down
Color Limegreen
Material Plastic
Sleeve --
Shutter --
Standards IEC 61754-7
TIA 604-5
Manufacturer US Conec

More Information
Delivery time 5-10 working days
Manufacturer tde
Systems tML® - tde Modular Link
Category tML® - partial front panels 5HP
Connector type (side 1) MPO/MTP®
Fiber type 50/125 µm OM5
Adapter color Lime green
Front plate Edelstahl
For sub rack 3HE
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