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Unitymedia - FO-Patch cord LC PC/SC APC tde 9/125µ Duplex FlatTwin LSOH Length: xxxxx

Quick Overview

The tde patch and trunk cables are manufactured according Unitymedia specifications completely at the German facility in Ohrte. Production processes at tde meet the latest standards, and the company has one of the most up-to-date fiber optic assembly houses in Europe. Fiber optic patch cables and trunk cables are manufactured in many different configurations using highly automated processes on two independent mass production lines. The range of products on offer encompasses the entire spectrum of connector types available on the market. Production capacity is around 100,000 fiber optic connectors per month, and this can be ramped up easily whenever required. To guarantee consistently top quality, only the best components from renowned vendors are used. All tde production staff have the necessary qualifications and education, and have been well trained in using specialist technical equipment such as laser cleavers and glue-dispensing robots.

Each cable application is subjected to a full test procedure comprising insertion loss and return loss measurements and a final visual inspection and interferometer measurements to ensure that only 100% error-free products are shipped to the customer.

Products made by tde perform at least internationally accepted quality standards and norms. The quality management system is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TL9000 certified. 

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Listprice*: €20.18
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Incl. labelling on both sides (three lines): Manufacturer + P/N: tde UM-LC/SCA09TDxxxxx (xxxxx = length in cm)
  Unique serial number from tde - production: "tde-serial number"
  Length  fibertype  connectors on both sides: length in m  09/125-OS2  LC/PC-SC/APC

FO Connectors

Connector Type LC PC Duplex
Housing Plastic, Blue
Ferrule Zirkonia Staight Split, Spring-loaded Axially
Ferrule Hole 126 µ
Ferrule Concentricity ≤ 0.6 µ
Mating Cycles 500
Operating Temperature -40°C up to +75°C
Strain Relief to 100 N
Manufacturer tde
Simplex / Duplex Clip with Duplex Clip
Optical performance
FiberTypeWavelengthInsertion loss typ.Insertion loss max.Return loss min.
9/125µ LC 1550 nm ≤ 0.20 dB 0.45 dB 45 dB
Connector Type SC APC Duplex
Housing Plastic, Green
Ferrule Zirconia Straight Split, Spring-loaded Axially
Ferrule Hole 125.5 µ
Ferrule Concentricity ≤ 0.6 µ
Mating Cycles 500
Operating Temperature -40°C up to +75°C
Strain Relief to 150 N
Manufacturer tde
Simplex / Duplex Clip with Duplex Clip
Optical performance
FiberTypeWavelengthInsertion loss typ.Insertion loss max.Return loss min.
9/125µ OS2 SC APC 1550 nm < 0.20 dB 0.45 dB 70 dB

FO Cables

Zero halogen, no corrosive gases IEC 60754-1/-2
  EN 60754-1/-2
  VDE 0482-754-1/-2
Flame propagation IEC 60332-1-2
  EN 60332-1-2
  VDE 0482-332-1-2
  SEV TP 20B/3C
Smoke density IEC 61034-1/-2
  EN 61034-1/-2
  VDE 0482-1034-1/-2
Reaction to fire (Euroclasses) EN 13501-6: Dca-s2,d1,a1
Tensile performance IEC 60794-1-21 E1 A
Crush resistance IEC 60794-1-21 E3
Impact IEC 60794-1-21 E4
Repeated bending IEC 60794-1-21 E6
Torsion IEC 60794-1-21 E7
Bend IEC 60794-1-21 E11 A
Cable construction
Type Duplex I-V(ZN)HH
Fiber type SM-G652D, 9/125µ, Corning SMF-28e+, OS2
Strength members Aramid yarn
Outer jacket LSZH (Halogen free, low smoke, flame retardant thermoplastic compound)
Jacket color Yellow, RAL 1021
Identification "t d e – IVHH02E09 LSZH" and sequential meter marking + Lot number
Physical properties
Outer diameter cable 4.8 x 3.2 mm
Weight 21 kg/km
Tensile load 200 N
Bending radius 50 mm
Crush resistance short term 3000 N/cm
Fire load 100 kWh/km / 360 MJ/km
Temperature range Operation: -20 to +60°C IEC 60794-2-10
  -10 bis +60°C for assembled patch cords

FO Fiber

Type Corning SMF-28e+® 09/125µ OS2 G.652.D singlemode fiber
Maximum Attenuation At 1310 nm max. 0.33 - 0.35 dB/km
At 1383 ± 3 nm max. 0.31 - 0.35 dB/km
At 1490 nm max. 0.21 - 0.24 dB/km
At 1550 nm max. 0.19 - 0.20 dB/km
At 1625 nm max. 0.20 - 0.23 dB/km
Attenuation vs. Wavelength
Range: 1285 - 1330 mm; Ref. λ: 1310 nm; Max. α Difference: 0.03 dB/km
Range: 1525 - 1575 mm; Ref. λ: 1550 nm; Max. α Difference: 0.02 dB/km
Macrobend Loss Mandrel Diameter:32mm; Number of Turns: 1; Wavelength: 1550nm; Induced Attenuation: ≤0.03 dB
Mandrel Diameter:50mm; Number of Turns: 100; Wavelength: 1310nm; Induced Attenuation: ≤0.03 dB
Mandrel Diameter:50mm; Number of Turns: 100; Wavelength: 1550nm; Induced Attenuation: ≤0.03 dB
Mandrel Diameter:60mm; Number of Turns: 100; Wavelength: 1625nm; Induced Attenuation: ≤0.03 dB
Point Discontinuity Wavelength: 1310 nm; Point Discontinuity: ≤ 0.05 dB
Wavelength: 1550 nm; Point Discontinuity: ≤ 0.05 dB
Cable Cutoff Wavelength (λccf) λccf ≤ 1260 nm
Mode-Field Diameter At 1310 nm = 9.2 ± 0.4 µm
At 1550 nm = 10.4 ± 0.5 µm
Dispersion At 1550 nm = ≤ 18.0 [ps/(nm*km)]
At 1625 nm = ≤ 22.0 [ps/(nm*km)]
  Zero Dispersion Wavelength (λ0): 1310 nm ≤ λ0 ≤ 1324 nm
Zero Dispersion Slope (S0): ≤ 0.092 ps/(nm² *km)
Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) PMD Link Design Value = ≤ 0.06 ps/√km
Maximum Individual Fiber = ≤ 0.1 ps/√km
Norm ITU-T Recommendation G.652 (Tables A, B, C, and D)
IEC Specifications 60793-2-50 Type B1.3
Telcordia Generic Requirements GR-20-CORE
ISO 11801 OS2
Dimensional Specifications
Fiber Curl ≥ 4.0 m radius of curvature
Cladding Diameter 125.0 ± 0.7 µm
Core-Clad Concentricity ≤ 0.5 µm
Cladding Non-Circularity ≤ 0.7%
Coating Diameter 242 ± 5 µm
Coating-Cladding Concentricity < 12 µm
Environmental Specifications
Environmental TestTest ConditionInduced Attenuation 1310 nm, 1550 nm & 1625 nm
Temperature Dependence -60°C to +85°C ≤ 0.05
Temperature Humidity Cycling -10°C to +85°C up to 98% RH ≤ 0.05
Water Immersion 23°C ± 2°C ≤ 0.05
Heat Aging 85°C ± 2°C ≤ 0.05
Operating Temperature Range -60°C to +85°C   
Mechanical Specifications
Proof Test The entire fiber length is subjected to a tensile stress ≥ 100 kpsi (0.7 GPa).
Length Fiber lengths available up to 63.0 km/spool.
Performance Characterizations
Core Diameter 8.2 µm
Numerical Aperture 0.14
Zero Dispersion Wavelength (λ0) 1317 nm
Zero Dispersion Slope (S0) 0.088 ps/(nm²*km)
Effective Group Index of Refraction 1310 nm: 1.4676
1550 nm: 1.4682
Fatigue Resistance Parameter (nd) 20
Coating Strip Force Dry: 0.6 lbs (3N)
Wet: 14 days room temperature: 0.6 lbs (3N)
Rayleigh Backscatter Coefficient (for 1 ns Pulse Width) 1310 nm: -77 dB
1550 nm: -82 dB

Additional Information

Part number UM-LC/SCA09TDxxxxx
Delivery time working days

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