10GBASE-ZR XENPAK Module SM SC 80km data range (1550nm) Cisco compatible

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10GBASE-ZR XENPAK Module SM SC 80km data range (1550nm) Cisco compatible

• Up to 10GBd bi-directional data links
• Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae application
• Compliant with XENPAK MSA
• Temperature stabilized EML transmitter
• APD Photo-detector
• XAUI electrical interface: 4 lanes at 3.125GBd
• Hot Z-Pluggable
• SC Connectors
• Up to 80km on SMF
• Power Supply: 5V/3.3V/Adaptable Power Supply (APS: 1.2V)
• RoHS Compliance
• Operating temperature range: 0°C to 70°C

• 10GBd Ethernet

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Storage Ambient Temperature TS -40 85 °C  
Supply Voltage (5V) V5 0 6 V  
Supply Voltage (3.3V) V3 0 4 V  
Supply Voltage (APS) VAPS 0 1.5 V  
Optical Receiver Input PIMAX   1.5 dBm Average
General Specifications
Data Rate DR   10.3125   GBD  
Bit Error Rate BER     10−12    
Total Power Consumption P     4 W  
Supply Voltage (5V) VCC5 4.75 5 5.25 V Operating Environment
Supply Voltage (+3.3V) VCC3 3.14 3.3 3.47 V Operating Environment
Supply Voltage (APS) VCCAPS 1.152 1.2 1.248 V Operating Environment
Supply Current (5V) ICC5     350 mA  
Supply Current (+3.3V) ICC3     300 mA  
Supply Current (APS) ICCAPS     1000 mA  
Case Operating Temperature TC 0   70 °C  
Link Distances
ParameterFiber Type
Distance Range (km)
10.3125GBd 9/125um SMF 80
Optical Characteristics - Transmitter
Optical Wavelength λ 1530 1570 nm  
Launch Power POUT -1 2 dBm Average
Launch Power of OFF Transmitter POUT_OFF   -30 dBm Average
Side Mode Suppression Ratio SMSR 30   dB  
Spectral Width (RMS) Δλ   0.6 nm  
Optical Extinction Ratio ER 8.2   dB  
Optical Return Loss Tolerance ORLT   12 dB  
Relative Intensity Noise RIN   -128 dB/Hz  
Transmitter Dispersion Penalty TDP   2 dB  
Eye Mask Definition         According to IEEE 802.3ae
Optical Characteristics - Receiver
Center Wavelength Range λC 1260 1600 nm  
Optical Input Power PIN -16 -7 dBm Average, Informative
Receiver Reflectance TRRX   -27 dB  
Loss of Signal Assert Level PLOS_A -30      
Loss of Signal DeAssert Level PLOS_D   -24    
Loss of Signal Hysteresis PLOS_H 1      
Receiver electrical 3dB upper cutoff frequency FR   12.3 Ghz  
Electrical Characteristics - DC
A. 1.2V COMS I/O DC Characteristics (PRTAD; LASI; RESET; TX_ON/OFF) External Pull-Up Resistor For Open Drain RPU 10   22  
  Output High Voltage VOH 1     V  
  Output Low Voltage VOL     0.15 V  
  Input High Voltage VIH 0.84   1.2 V  
  Input Low Voltage VIL     0.36 V  
  Input Pull-Down Current IPD 20   120 uA VIN=1.2V
B. XAUI I/O DC Charateristics (TXLANE[0..3]; RXLANE[0..3]) Differential Input Amplitude (pk–pk) VIN_XAUI 200   2500 mV AC Coupled
  Differential Output Amplitude (pk–pk) VOUT_XAUI 800   1600 mV AC Coupled
C. MDIO I/O DC Charateristics (MDIO; MDC) Output Low Voltage VOL     0.2 V IOL=100uA
  Output Low Current IOL     4 mA  
  Input High Voltage VIH 0.84   1.2 V  
  Input Low Voltage VIL     0.36 V  
  Pull-Up Supply Voltage VPU 1.152 1.2 1.248 V  
  Input Capacitance CIN     10 pF  
  Load Capacitance CLOAD     470 pF  
  External Pull-Up Resistance RPU 200     Ω  
Electrical Characteristics - AC
A. XAUI Input AC Characteristics (TXLANE[0..3]) Baud Rate BRXAUI_IN   3.125   GBd  
  Baud Rate Tolerance BRTOL_XAUI -100   100 ppm  
  Differential Input Impedance ZIN_XAUI 80 100 120 Ω  
  Differential Return Loss RLIN 10     dB 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz
  Input Differential Skew TIN_SKEW     75 ps Crossing Point
  Jitter Amplitude Tolerance JXAUI_TO     0.65 UIPP IEEE 802.3ae
B. XAUI Output AC Charateristics (RXLANE[0..3]) Baud Rate BRXAUI_OUT   3.125   GBd  
  Baud Rate Variation BRXAUI_VAR -100   100 ppm  
  XAUI Eye Mask (far-end) TOUT_SKEW         According to IEEE 802.3ae
  Output Differential Skew       15 ps  
  Output Differential Impedance ZOUT_XAUI 80 100 120 Ω  DC
  Differential Output Return Loss RLOUT  10     dB 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz
  Total Jitter TJXAUI     0.35 UI Near-end No pre-equalization
1 UI=320 ps
  Deterministic Jitter DJXAUI     0.17 UI Near-end No pre-equalization
1 UI=320 ps
C. Power-On Reset Charateristics Power-On Reset and TX_ONOFF Charateristics           According to XENPAK MSA Issue
D. MDIO I/O AC Charateristics (MDIO; MDC) MDIO Data Hold Time THOLD 10     ns  
  MDIO Data Setup Time TSU 10     ns  
  Delay from MDC Rising Edge to MDIO Data Change TDELAY     300 ns  
  MDC Clock Rate fMAX     2.5 MHz  
Digital Diagnostic
Temperature Monitor TMON -5 +5 °C
Laser Bias Monitor IMON -10 10 %
TX Power Monitor PTX -3 +3 dBm
RX Power Monitor PRX -3 +3 dBm

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