E2000™ PC Simplex Adapter ceramic with flange, aqua, class M

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Scope of supply

• Adapter E2000™
• 2 Philips head screws M2 x 8, blue galvanized
• 2 mounted hexagonal nuts M2, blue galvanized

Standardisation UL listed
  DIN EN 186270
Connector class coupling Adapter
Number of connectors (A) 1
Connector type (A) E2000™
Protection class (IP) connector (A) IP 20
Polishing connector (A) PC
Attenuation grade IL - connector (A) M
Delta insertion loss ≤ 0.2 dB, testing method acc. to IEC 61300-3-4
Mating cycles min. 1000
Pull-out force min. 70 N
Connector color (A) aqua
Sleeve material ceramic
Adapter fastening method end cap
Fiber type Multimode (MM)
Dimensions 67.7 / 40 x 22 x 9.35 mm
Material plastic: PBT, fiber-glass reinforced (halogen-free)
Manufacturer R&M

More Information
Delivery time 5-10 working days
Manufacturer reichle_de_massari
Systems E2000™ Adapter
Category FO Adapters
Connector type (side 1) E2000
Adapter color Aqua
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