FO Push-Pull Tab Housing Kit for MPO/MTP® Connector

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5-10 working days

The Push-Pull Tabs greatly simplify the use of MPO connectivity when manual access to the release slider and rear portion of the connector is restricted. This novel accessory for the expanding MTP® brand product family enables easy insertion and extraction of MTP® brand plugs in dense applications by providing a flexible extension tab which can be used to extract as well as insert the plug into the adapter port.

It can be installed in the factory or in the field after cable assemblies are produced.

Type Push-Pull Tab Housing Kit incl. unlocking help
Color Black
Length Push-Pull Tab 32 mm
Length Push-Pull Tab incl. housing 50 mm
Manufacturer US Conec

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Lieferzeit 5-10 working days
Hersteller tde
Systeme LWL Komponenten
Kategorie LWL MPO/MTP® Standard
Type MPO