tSML - TP Module 19"/0.5U straight 24x RJ45/4x Telco Gigabit Ethernet shielded

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The tSML – Panel 19" 1/2U is not modular developed. This is a space-saving and economical alternative to the modular developed Rack Mount Enclosure 19''/1U. Is by the four back Telco connectors nevertheless a fast Plug& Play installation ensures.

Entry 4 x Telco Male shielded GbE  
Exit 24 x RJ45 Jacks shielded GbE
Tests Link Performance Tests, electronic test on allocation and short circuit and final visual inspection
  QS-Managementsystem nach ISO 9001, ISO 14001 und TL 9000

tSML - 19"/0.5U Module Housing

Box stainless steel
Front plate stainless steel
Dimensions 19", 0.5U, depth 11 cm

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Delivery time 5-10 working days
Manufacturer tde
Systems tSML - tde Semi Modular Link
Category tSML - TP Modul 19"/ 0.5HE Telco
Performance Cat.5e
Front plate Edelstahl
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