tML® - FO Master splice enclosure 19" 1U slide-out for up to 144 FO splices

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tML® - Master splice enclosure is intended for the integration of up to 144 FO splices. Up to 12x MPO/MTP® Pigtails with altogether 144 fibers can be spliced with space-saving at an indoor/outdoor cable. In this way can be combined the favourable modularity of the tML® - system with conventional splice technology, where before the lengths are not yet determinable. The master splice enclosure is compatible to all tML systems.

Application fields: Datacenter, Telecom, FTTx

Product characteristics:

• Store of the splices from external/interior cables to MTP®/MPO Pigtails
• Integrated fan-out unit for distribution cable
• Modular structure with standard splice cassettes
• Cover is removable for the installation
• Slide-out and tiltable
• Drawer for excess length
• Small space requirement of 144 splices on 1HE
• Small depth of max. 350mm
• Optionally with front-mounted patch cord management panel
• Pre installed MTP®/MPO Pigtails are preparatory for the splice

Housing Galvanized Sheet Steel
Color Black similar RAL 9005
Configuration 4, 8 or 12 MPO/MTP® Pigtails each with 12 fibers. Corresponding the appropriate number of splicecassettes
Cable entry On the back, removable with integrated cable allocation incl. 12 empty tubes for up to 144 fibers
Dimensions 19", 1HE, 300mm deep without cable entry, 350mm with cable entry
  QS-Managementsystem according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TL 9000

xxx = stands for the number of fibers (048, 096, 144)

yyyy = stands for the fibertype ("50G" = 50/125µ OM2, "50G3" = 50/125µ OM3, "62G" = 62.5/125µ, "09E" = 9/125µ)

z = stands for the option patch cord management panel ("1" = with patch cord management panel, without rings, "0" = without patch cord management panel)

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Delivery time 5-10 working days
Manufacturer tde
Systems tML® - tde Modular Link
Category tML® - FO Master splice enclosure
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