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tML® tde Modular Link

tML® is a patented modular developed cabling system, which consists of three core components: module, trunk cable and rack mount enclosure.
The system components, preterminated with connectors and tested ex works, facilitate very fast installation of both twisted pair and fiber-optic cables. Ready-made trunk cables, providing a high number of pairs or fibers, can simply be plugged together using patch panels. Up to 96x LC duplex and/or 48 x RJ45 of haven can be accommodated in such a way on 1U.
At the heart of the tML – tde Modular Link Systems are MPO/MTP® and Telco connectors, with which 12 optical fibers or 24 copper pairs can be connected simultaneously. Fiber-optic and twisted pair modules can be combined on one rack unit within a panel without difficulty.